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Cursed Crops
   Reap What You Sow! 


Cursed Crops is a local Co-Op action tower defense game where players must defend their farm from hoards of evil vegetables. Buy and plant special crops that will come back as fearsome foes to see what's behind the disaster!

Years: 2021-2022

Role: Character Designer/Artist 

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Procreate 

Visual Development

As one of the leading artists in this game, I was tasked with visualizing how different aspects of the game would look from the beginning of development to the end. This included designing the in-game characters/enemies and their movements and thinking about how different parts of the menus and environments would look inside the game. In doing so, I learned how to work with a team to create a cohesive art style and stretched my skills in visual worldbuilding overall. 

Character Design

One of my foremost tasks for this game included character designs for both the vegetables that the player would grow/fight and the four main characters themselves.


In total, Cursed Crops has six different types of enemies and four playable main characters (Carlisle, Harvey, Doug, and Cecil).

Above, you can see the evolution of character designs that I made using Adobe Photoshop. 

UI Design

I also had a hand in designing parts of the UI for Cursed Crops, all themed after different aspects of gardening. I created the respective pause/options menu, the level select screen, and the character selects screen for the team's UI designer to work with. By creating these assets, I learned how to be more intentional about visual clarity and visual feedback.  

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